Stress accelerates aging in women – scientists

Permanent effects of stress factors leads to the development of chronic diseases and reduces the overall life expectancy. Specifically, scientists believe that stress affects the body of women. Mechanism and some aspects of the phenomenon described by experts from the United States.

There is a hormone clotho formed in the kidneys and brain. The change of its concentration and activity leads to violations of human health. Doctors at the California Institute in San Francisco has proven that chronic stress affects the production of this hormone.

In experiment took part 178 of relatively healthy women aged 20-50 years. The volunteers did not smoke and had no obvious health problems. All had children aged 2-16 years. Doctors measured levels of the hormone clotho and found: a mother with children with autism suffer from chronic stress significantly more often.

Reduced hormone concentrations, there was a risk of development of many diseases, including behavioral problems and depression. Scientists believe that mental health is important for a person not less, than physical health. Processing, fatigue and stress can affect the functioning of the entire body, lead to the development of heart disease, diabetes and many other diseases.

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