Strawberry and red wine is an excellent prevention of diabetes

Employees of the University of East Anglia has established a number of products that can help in the prevention of diabetes. It is established that the group of flavonoids partially responsible for the regulation of blood sugar level, writes The Daily Mail. The strongest effects have anthocyanins. These substances in large quantities are found in red wine, currants, strawberries and blackberries.

Scientists have proven that the use of these products helps to maintain the blood sugar level to normal. In addition, fruit and wine have quite a pronounced anti-inflammatory action.

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The theory of the scientists tested at two thousand volunteers, who were asked to add to your permanent diet is one of the flavonoids. Next, the subjects took a blood test to determine the amount of sugar in it. Proved that regular consumption of strawberries, red wine and currant allowed better control of blood glucose.

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