Stone therapy is a special kind of therapeutic massage

Today, many beauty salons offer a new type of therapeutic massage, stone therapy, massage with stones. But not everyone knows that this type of massage has been used for many centuries in different countries. The healing properties of the stones were known Tibetan and Japanese monks, in Mesopotamia ancient healers used hot stones in the treatment of various ailments, and in Ancient China, this massage only did the Imperial personages.

Modern methods of therapeutic massage with the use of stones was developed by a member of the Association of massage therapists USA M. hannigan in the early 90-ies of XX century. It was based on the use of a certain number of stones having different temperatures. Today this method is gaining popularity in Russia.

It is worth noting that be used for treatment should not any stones, but only those who really have medicinal properties. The ancients believed that the magical and healing properties of the stones of volcanic rocks, as they have the power of the four elements and give their energy to the person. The most common of these stones - jadeite. This mineral when heated emits ions of sodium, metasilicic acid, and a number of trace elements, which penetrate into the body through the skin and have a positive impact on Central and autonomic nervous system. In addition to jadeite can be used basalt, marble, onyx, rock crystal, and yet, jadeite among them is the leader.

Also the important role played by the shape of the stone, which is as precise as possible should fit the contours of the body where it is applied. For example, for spinal perfect small stone oval shape. Another important factor to achieve the therapeutic effect is the temperature of the stone. Relaxing massage must be done with the aid of hot stones. Hot stones relaxes muscles, speeds up metabolic processes in the body, the combination of hot and cold stones narrows the blood vessels, improves blood flow, resulting in blood in the tissues enriched with oxygen. The procedure can last from half an hour to an hour and a half depending on the desired end result. Often stone therapy is used for relaxation, but if combined with physiotherapy and acupuncture, the treatment is much more successful. According to experts, about 10 sessions stone therapy is able to remove small stones and sand with gallstone disease, relieve pain and spasms, improve circulation and the condition of blood vessels and capillaries.

Obvious results show that this massage relieves muscle pain, restores skin tone, stimulates the excretion of excess fluids and toxins, increases metabolism and helps with stress and depression.

Although the procedure itself is fairly harmless, even for her, there are contraindications, which include acute infectious diseases, inflammations of the skin or internal organs, Oncology, neurology, cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy. Also contraindicated to carry out procedures in case of exacerbation of any chronic disease or elevated body temperature.

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