Stomach ulcers

Stomach ulcer at the present time quite often infects humans and a major cause of its development is considered to be H. pylori infection, due to the fact that these bacteria are the only ones that tolerate an acidic environment and thus penetrates the mucous membrane of the stomach and inflamed, which leads to increased dew white blood cells, which not only destroy these bacteria, but also healthy cells, which leads to the development of stomach ulcers.

An ulcer occurs when the action of nicotine, alcohol, after administration of drugs, such as ibuprofen, piroxicam, indomethacin, aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

In addition, peptic ulcer disease can affect a person at psychological stress, as well as genetic predisposition, especially when the abuse spicy dishes, food "dry rations", irregular food intake.

There are several types of stomach ulcers, and they can be classified depending on the localization of the ulcer, so it may be an ulcer of the gastric body, subcatalog and cardiac, also antrum and pyloric canal.

Additionally stomach ulcers are distinguished by the number of ulcers and their size, so they are giant, large, medium and small, also ulcers can be multiple, and single.

When is the diagnosis, then there are ulcers in remission, scar and aggravated.

Symptoms of peptic ulcer can be noted depending on their location, depth and size of the ulcers.

The main symptom of stomach ulcers are painful syndromes that differ consistently and often occur after meals and these pains are, on an empty stomach or after eating, and they can be both early and late. Usually early pain occur when the ulcer of the gastric body, and when affected fundic, subsidiary and cardiac Department, pain syndromes can occur immediately after a meal.

Pain can be eliminated with antisecretory drugs, but this is a temporary phenomenon, because after some time the pain occur again.

Localization of the pain syndrome is largely dependent on the location of the ulcer and it should be noted that in some patients the pain is irradiations character, especially when ulcers subcatalog and cardia, in this case, the pain gives the left shoulder and precardiac region. Therefore this variety of pains and their localization, quite often is the cause of diagnostic error, because the same symptoms happen with the defeat of the lumbar and thoracic spine, as well as chronic cholecystitis.

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