Stomach ulcers: causes, symptoms, treatment

Peptic ulcer is a common practice today, the disease is chronic. When the plague violated secretory function, circulation, the integrity of the gastric mucosa.

Peptic ulcer disease can be caused by nervous disorders, depression, existing pathological diseases such as cholecystitis or cholelithiasis. Stomach ulcers can be triggered by hormonal disorders in the body. The cause of this problem may lie in genetic predisposition.

To pronounced symptoms of a stomach ulcer include: heartburn, vomiting, acute pain in the epigastric" the abdomen. In the period of exacerbation often the ulcer patient suffers hungry pain, which disappear within an hour after eating.

To diagnose the above disease help these radiographs and indicators fibrogastroskopija analysis. For full diagnosis requires biopsy and explore the content of the gastric juice.

This disease is usually accompanied by acute exacerbations that occur in the spring and autumn period of the year.

In acute gastric ulcer the gastroenterologist's decision to hospitalize patients, he assigns a strict diet. The diet includes foods prepared on a "couple", they are given in a semi-liquid or "puree" with milk or yogurt. Fried foods are categorically excluded.

Previously, doctors in the treatment of stomach ulcers used antacid (magnesium oxide, Almagel), enveloping and antispasmodic (papaverine, no - Spa) funds. Today, the widely used anti-ulcer drugs and antibiotics.

The specific methods of treatment of gastric ulcer to describe it is not necessary, as each patient needs an individual hike, in other words, the treatment of a disease may be non-standard in nature. This takes into account a number of factors: age, General physical condition, presence of other diseases of the stomach. In any case, attempts to treat stomach ulcers should not, because this is quite a serious illness, and wrong medication may even lead to a fatal outcome. Only a qualified technician, in particular, a gastroenterologist will be able to provide you with professional assistance.

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