Stomach flu - causes, symptoms, treatment

The name of this disease appears in recent times on the pages information resources. In medicine, this term refers to the ingestion of human infection, which is called Rotavirus. This disease can occur regardless of age group. They can get sick and the children, and the elderly. According to statistics, more often suffer from stomach flu very young children aged 6-12 months. From them can be infected adults. Some scientists who do develop this theme, I assure that the disease appeared initially distributed in the United States, and then reached European countries.

What causes stomach flu?

The sources of this disease can be as healthy people, and those who are carrier of the virus. Infection occurs very quickly, stands out in a few hours.

Usually, this virus is transmitted through food. This is one reason why the virus is spreading rapidly in kindergartens, schools and so on. Because of virus infection of the membranes of the digestive system and stomach, violated the metabolic processes in the body. Doctors do not advise to be treated by self-medication, as the virus is very tricky.

The basic symptoms that will occur after infection

Among the main symptoms that can occur after infection with Rotavirus, we can highlight the following:

1. Most often occurs upset stomach or diarrhea, which is a real stress to the body;

2. You may receive liquid and frequent stool;

3. Almost immediately felt a General malaise. It's a pain in the stomach, you may receive the temperature, chronic fatigue, vomiting, and others;

4. Membranes of the eyes can significantly blush. In some cases, inflamed throat.

How to treat stomach flu?

From the idea of self-treatment is required immediately to refuse. Turning for help to the doctor, the disease passes for 4 or 7 days. It is important to remember that each case of disease - individual. The method of treatment based on the cause of occurrences of gastric flu.

Typically, treatment involves taking medications that are prescribed in diarrhea. Definitely will be assigned a strict diet, which will make treatment more effective and efficient.

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