Stomach cancer treatment in Germany

Stomach cancer is the most common form of cancer malignant. Annually in the world from stomach cancer kills about 1 million people, despite the development of medicine, the incidence and mortality from stomach cancer is not reduced.

The reason is ecologicall food, high content of carcinogenic substances, fast food technology food preparation. Alas, these are the realities of our modern life, which is hard to avoid.

Stomach cancer is not a death sentence and in the initial stages of the process may cure. If concerned about recurrent pain in the epigastric region, one notices that in recent years have decreased appetite, decreased weight - urgently seek qualified medical help.

Unfortunately, in our country, not in every city you can find a specialist, in addition modern diagnostic and medical facilities may be available in the commercial medical institutions, where prices are much higher than abroad, and then may become a question about medical tourism. Treatment of stomach cancer in Germany is the best combination of price and high quality medical care.

In addition to the standard inspection specialist in the clinics of Germany, all modern diagnostic and laboratory manipulations: detection of tumor markers of gastric cancer in the blood, the study of tissue biopsy of the stomach by qualified specialists and high-precision optical equipment, computed tomography, magnetic resonance and positron emission tomography.

After accurate diagnosis will be proposed optimal scheme of treatment of gastric cancer surgical treatment and modern chemotherapy, which is much better tolerated by patients than the older chemotherapy drugs, is still used in our country.

Before treatment simply calculate several treatment options, and may be that treatment abroad will be more accessible and of higher quality than we have in the country.

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