Stimulation of receptors can increase endurance

According to RIA "Novosti" at the research Institute of SCRIPPS scientist Thomas Barris found receptors, stimulation of which can increase the endurance full of people. Up to this point the weight was considered a disease that is not always cured, and people suffering from illness observed weakness during exercise.

As it turned out, the muscle cells have special receptors that are responsible for metabolism in the body. Receptors gave the name of Rev-erb-alpha and their main function is the oxidation of sugar, as well as monitoring the absorption of oxygen and nutrients. The result of the work of receptors is muscle contraction, which increases endurance.

The tests were carried out on rodents. Took more obese individuals and thin. Scientists have found that the first difference of rodents is their differences in the genes that control the mitochondria, which directly burn calories. The study found that in obese males fewer Rev-erb-alpha, which leads to insufficient oxidation of sugar and weak muscles.

When stimulation of Rev-erb-alpha special drug rodents became more active and spent time at 50% more.

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