Stethoscope the doctor can be a source of dangerous infections - scientists

Dirty stethoscopes provide a great danger for patients with reduced immunity. In some cases, the device contains on its surface a number of bacteria in excess of the amount thereof in the hands of a physician, writes The Daily Mail. Especially dangerous bacteria resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which is not amenable to conventional therapy.

The main reason is in constant contact with the bodies of patients and the lack of treatment during the day. So, at the end of the work shift on the surface of the stethoscope accumulates a number of pathogenic bacteria. Scientists advise to handle an indispensable device for doctors after each use.

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The research proved that the dirtiest part of the stethoscope is a membrane, a large number of bacteria was covered and the tube. The availability factor of flora allows the bacteria to cross-infect patients, become a cause of nosocomial infection, which is much more dangerous than usual.

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