Stem stroke is a disease with dangerous consequences

Stem stroke occurs as a result of circulatory disorders in the brain stem. As a result of violations is hemorrhage, which permeates the brain tissue, causing malfunction of parts of the brain. When Stalowa stroke is damaged cerebellum, middle, oblong or varriety bridge. The danger of the stem stroke that can lead to death even with surgical intervention. Because the brain stem is responsible for such important body functions like breathing, blood circulation, thermoregulation, swallowing defeat this part of the brain is fraught with irregularities in the work of the departments of the organism associated with human activity. Can be broken the following functions:

It is about 30% undergoing stem stroke confronted with speech. To improve the situation may visit a speech therapist.

Swallowing - percentage of patients with stroke and faced with this difficulty higher than with speech disorders 65%.

Movement - coordination of movements may be severely affected after a stroke. A person may be fully or partially paralyzed. During the first three months, the patient usually recovers its motor functions to the maximum. After that, the ability to restore the patient is reduced. There are exceptions, when the patient regains the ability after year after stroke therapy.

Breath - a possible violation after a stroke can be the ability to breathe independently.

These and other violations accompany stem stroke. Unfortunately, the risk of death when Stalowa stroke is very high. The risk of death depends on timely, possible surgical intervention of a doctor. Therefore, it is important to recognize the symptoms of stroke at an early stage. You should pay attention to the following signs:

1. The person loses the symmetry in the lower part.

2. Loss of sensation in the hand, leg or face with one hand

3. During the meal is difficulty in swallowing

4. Suddenly disturbed vision

5. Poor coordination of movement. Symptoms may be dizziness, diplopia.

When a combination of several features or even with the Express one should refer to a medical facility for professional help.

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