Stem cells will help in the treatment of diabetes - scientists

Stem medicine does not stand still. In the latest study, the researchers took stem cells grown embryos and transformed them into Langerhans cells (beta cells) that produce insulin. It is quite possible that the method will lay the Foundation for a new era of struggle with diabetes of the first type, writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

It is known that a stem cell has a unique ability. As the mother of all tissues of the body, it can develop into any of the differentiated cells. With the help of special manipulations in laboratory conditions it is possible to make the cell purposefully be, for example, beta-cell.

Of course, new development associated with the ethical contradictions. To obtain stem tissue requires the embryos, which are then killed. However, scientists have found a way out: the genetic material of the cells of the skin women with diabetes were transferred to a nuclear-free egg.

The final form required scientists - blastocyst. It becomes a source of stem cells. The method has one serious drawback: to create a single blastocyst need one egg, and thus their number to obtain a large amount of beta-cells should be impressive. Despite this breakthrough, scientists really phenomenal and deserves attention.

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