Stem cells improve heart function

The news that there is another opportunity to live longer, have become even more popular than sports or economic news. However, the process of tissue repair is not as simple as it seems. It takes about one hundred days. But the result is obvious: heart again with former force begins to pump blood through the circulatory system.

Long-term tests that were conducted on animals, finally yielded positive results. Stem cells grown in laboratory conditions were suitable for the treatment of patients suffering from heart failure.

According to the researchers, several operations that have been conducted on people who were successful. New technologies, allowing to introduce stem cells in the treatment of damaged tissues, became a real breakthrough in the field of medicine. Some doctors believe that treatment for heart best cells in the bone marrow, but others believe that this is only one of the views, have a right to exist.

The experiment was conducted in fourteen patients. The performance of their heart muscle averaged 30 percent, but this figure has significantly improved after four months of treatments to 38.5 percent.

The discovery showed that treatment with stem cells grown in the laboratory on the basis of cardiac tissue, can improve the health of the patient and to give him new life. The latest news in the field of medicine sound very encouraging for those who have no hope. However, the researchers argue that the experimental group had not recovered fully, and still have something to strive for. At the moment they are unable to say what will change the lives of patients and how they live, however, the obtained data is a major breakthrough in the field of medicine.

A doctor by the name of Roberto Pain, who studied this problem and analyzed the experimental data have indicated that stem cells derived from the tissues of the heart muscle that do their job very effectively. The fact that each cell is subject to wear, and in consequence, it becomes weak and dies, thus weakening heart. But stem cells are just beginning their lives, and therefore are quite cheerfully.

Thus, every day the medicine goes to higher levels, tending to a person's existence. However, in order to live longer, you need to grow stem cells in order to prevent, as in the case of a heart attack they will need in large quantities. But who today would agree to take the sample?

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