Stem cells help repair the brain after a stroke

A research group from Stanford University, headed by Gary Steinberg found that the culture of stem cells, introduced by injection into the damaged area of ischemia to reduce the effects of stroke. Today successfully conducted the animal studies, began a series of clinical trials on patients with ischemic stroke.

The study involved 18 patients with consequences after stroke. Patient age ranged from 33 to 75 years. All in the course of diagnosis was discovered brain pathology requiring treatment: paresis, paralysis. For therapy, researchers chose stem cells from the bone marrow, which was introduced in the ischemic focus. After six months the patients ' health has improved significantly.

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Significant improvement occurred in two patients. 71-year-old woman was again able to move independently (stroke led to total paralysis). 33-year-old patient was able to speak, recovered coordination during walking.

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