Stem cells have helped to restore sight

Scientists have discovered an improved vision in two cases, when almost blind people were injected into the eyes of stem cells of human embryos.

In the new experimental studies conducted in the United States, each patient, one eye was injected 50,000 cells of the epithelium of the retina, which are derived from embryonic stem cells. Thus, the progress of treatment can be objectively compared with the second, the control eye.

Two women, who were virtually blind, felt better vision within a few weeks after they had been introduced to the drug from embryonic cells.

This breakthrough can give hope to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from age-related macular degeneration. The disease leads to macular degeneration caused by cell death in the retina. The disease catches up with people increasingly at an early age and often cause complete blindness.

In theory, the new cells developed in the US company Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), must colonize the epithelial layer of the retina that will improve the health of the main rods and cones.

Dr. Robert Lanza, chief scientific officer of ACT, and one of the authors of the study, commented that the study showed a good result even at low doses, and now the goal of their work is to test the safety and tolerability of treatment.

Soon we will know the outcome of the treatment for another 12 volunteers. Development to improve the view with the help of stem cells began in 2010, but the study was suspended due to funding problems.

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