Stem cells grow faster in zero gravity - the scientists

The main problem of the use of stem cells, their growth rate. Need a great amount of time that the cellular structure began to form a fabric. Recent research scientists from the Mayo clinic to prove that stem cells grow much faster if they are placed in conditions of weightlessness.

Abba Zubair, author of the study, received a grant in the amount of 300 thousand dollars to conduct research aboard the ISS. It is noted that to grow stem cells on Earth is a difficult task, requiring a lot of time. There is a theory that gravity accelerates the process of cell growth. The data were confirmed in the laboratory of microgravity.

Today, scientists are developing equipment for the space station. Cellular bioreator will be sent to ISS for testing. Date of experiment has not called, but a start. There is information that, if successful, the cells will be used for the treatment of stroke patients.

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