Stem cells can be taken from dead bodies

Open in the twentieth century, stem cells have become a real breakthrough in modern medicine and marked the beginning of a new stage in its development. These cells have the property to be updated, and also can be gained from them any kind of tissue. Today, they help scientists to fight incurable diseases, and there is hope that in the future, they will give mankind immortality.

Studies have shown the presence in the human body is a huge number of stem cells. One of their species are mesenchymal cells (MSC). These cells can turn into cartilage, bone and adipose tissue. Their use is quite extensive: from the treatment of kidney and heart to restore joints and bones.

The most important advantage of MSCS is that they are not rejected by the immune system. They root easily in any organism, and is capable of accepting properties of the tissue, which has been placed. The main source of these cells is the bone marrow, and it contains more.

The only problem in transplantation is that withdrawal in a large number of donor cells causes great harm to the health of the donor.

Scientists from the University of Miami has solved this problem. Their research showed that cells can be taken from dead donors. Cells die within a few days, but in areas with large concentrations, they live longer. For the experiment were taken stem cells from a person who had died 5 days ago, which subsequently began to develop normally and behave cells of cartilage.

Currently, scientists are trying to establish how the death surrounding these cells affects cell DNA. In case of positive result of the study, one dead donor, you can borrow a few billion MSC. Parallel studies on the possibility of such selection, cells of the gastrointestinal tract and nerve cells.

About the research the scientists said in the time devoted to the use of stem cells conference, "World Stem Cell Summit , which was held in December of this year in Florida.

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