Stats: after marriage men become friends and acquaintances

The circle of men narrowed since the marriage. In women after 40 years, everything is exactly the opposite. Such conclusions were made by experts from Aalto University after analyzing data about the calls the volunteers who shared their personal details.

As it turned out, men and women at age 25 have a fairly wide circle of friends. On the phone they are talking with the relatives, and with colleagues and friends. Everything changes after 40 years, says The Hindustan Times. Another important role played by the family.

According to the data obtained, after 40 years women have become much more sociable men. However, to 50-65 years in the circle of friends for not expanding.

We will note, in another study, experts from the company Genius Gluten Free found: the peak of the popularity and the demand of the average person accounted for 29 years. At this age we feel rather young and capable of success. Old friends for 30 years are usually not forgotten, and new ones are formed through the work.

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