Statistics: women drive more aggressive men

Scientists have explained why women behind the wheel behave much more aggressively than men. Representatives of the Korean company Hyundai, together with a group of researchers conducted a study during which tried to understand the prerequisites for aggressive driving.

According to the findings, women 14% sensitive to loud noises, criticism and tips from more experienced road users. Women are more likely to get annoyed when someone nearby is not using the turn signal when switching lanes.

Apparently, the survival instinct among women is more pronounced. Protective instinct will be to be more responsible on the road. As a result, the woman may feel more stress and try to take it out on other drivers.

Another study showed that more than half of women singing behind the wheel with the included music. Every third driver during the ride, prefers to talk with his companions. 51% of the volunteers who took part in the survey said that driving gives them a sense of freedom.

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