Statistics: what age people change most often

The approach of the new dozen – that is the main reason for the change. We are talking about male and female infidelity. According to statistics, the quiet departure of the "left" most often occurs at the age of 29, 39, 49.

Maybe it's in the acute feeling of impending old age and lack of emotion. While this question has no exact answer. "Dangerous from the point of view of adultery age is the eve of the anniversary. It so happened that the consciousness of the people attached to round numbers, so approaching a turning point, according to them, age, they experience a strong emotion," the researchers say.

We are afraid of transition, pushing sometimes to rash and desperate measures, which include adultery. According to scientists after the analysis of the questionnaires on Dating sites. According to statistics, a good portion of users have a permanent partner, but looking for something new on the website.

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