Statistics: two-thirds of Muscovites suffer from various diseases

According to statistics published by Interfax, only every third Muscovite falls into the group of healthy people. Others have health problems of varying severity. 28.7 per cent of the capital's residents can get rid of their illnesses by yourself, 37% of residents require hospitalization for treatment. The figures are truly alarming.

All health service conducted a survey of two million people. Institutionalized are not just for the elderly but also young people, according to the Chief specialist of the Department of health of Moscow on health care Nana Pogosova. Women about their health more closely and are more likely to visit doctors.

The results of the study, residents of the capital live on average 6 years longer. The average life expectancy of Muscovite is 76 years versus 70 years. The most frequent causes of death are diseases of the heart and blood vessels, and other non-communicable diseases, unhealthy lifestyle, nutrition, bad habits, bad ecology. The specialists underline that the survey found 200 thousand new diseases that are not registered doctors.

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