Statistics: the process of childbirth liked least half of the women

The survey showed that the process of childbirth liked least half of women who delivered a child. Few were satisfied with the process of delivery. 64% of British women admitted - birth was the most painful experience in their lives.

1600 women participated in the survey. The researchers tried to find out what was on the minds of women during childbirth. 44% were insufficiently prepared for the process, the remaining 56% were shocked by the fact that films showing the birth of a child, completely untrue.

Scientists believe that to give an objective picture of birth for the average person is extremely difficult. Usually turns out to be either bloody action, or sweetheart and painless procedure, after which the light appears clean and pink baby.

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Interestingly, even ladies who give birth liked, said that the next time will choose a different method of delivery or abandon thoughts about the second baby. In this case, according to experts, is one of the contradictions of procreation.

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