Statistics: the incidence of cancer in the world is growing rapidly

Researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle analyzed data on morbidity and mortality. Cancer, as it turned out, in most countries of the world have become very serious problem.

Every year the number of cancer cases detected increases. Mortality is not reduced. Even the development of medical technologies can not restrain the death rate for cancer.

In 2015, cancer revealed that 17.5 million people. About 8 million died from cancer. At the moment, the cancer develops in the life process every third male and every fourth female.

In countries with developed economic system and high quality of life cancer is overtaking cardiovascular disease mortality. In developing countries with economies in transition the incidence of cancer as rapidly increasing.

In Russia, the situation with cancer is alarming. In 10 years, the number of cancer patients increased by 18%. This figure is likely underestimated due to late diagnosis and some other reasons. Qualified and full-fledged assistance in Oncology in Russia receives less than half of the patients. It should be noted, with early detection of disease and early treatment, the chances of a full recovery are great. That is why doctors suggest regular checkups and to monitor their own health.

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