Statistics: the death rate from tuberculosis began to decline

Developing countries come to the positive dynamics of mortality from tuberculosis. With such statement the day before were made by the representatives of the world health organization (who).

At the moment the leader in reported cases of tuberculosis in India. In this country accounted for 60% of all cases of the disease in 2015. However, many countries realized the problem, began to actively fight it. As a result, millions of people have received specialized medical care and were able to recover, writes DNA India.

When developed countries are struggling with cancer and obesity, poorer countries are experiencing serious problems with TB and HIV. According to statistics, in 2015, 1.4 million people died from tuberculosis. At the moment the infection is in the top ten fatal diseases in the world. Further strengthening of health financing in poor countries and the development of means for treatment-resistant forms of tuberculosis will help to correct the situation, experts say.

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