Statistics show that developed countries cannibalism is a characteristic phenomenon

To date, it was assumed that the phenomenon of cannibalism is a relic of primitive society. However, according to years of research, this phenomenon can be found in fairly developed countries. For example, in Miami at the end of may was caught by a man who attacked a homeless man and ate that piece of a person. A little later a University student Morgan (Maryland, USA), Alexander Kinyua confessed that he killed his neighbor, and then ate his brain and heart.

And in the year 2006, is an organization of Mavesa was posted in Network ad that Armin reported the following: "I am Looking for man who is ready to become a cannibal victim". And, interestingly, a volunteer, no matter how strange is found very quickly, writes Discovery News.

According to Jennifer Viegas, cannibalism often have a relationship with the religious position of the person. The idea of eating someone else's flesh, as evidenced by ancient beliefs, gives the cannibal strength and knowledge eaten by the victim.

This practice 200 years ago, there was widespread among the tribes who lived (and live to this day) deep in the jungles of South America, and also in Indonesia. Some experts see signs of cannibalism even in today's Catholicism, because the wine and bread are made to correlate with the flesh and blood of Christ.

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