Statistics: Russians began to drink less

Despite consistently high mortality and incidence of disease associated with alcohol consumption, the researchers gave occasion for joy. The Russians over the last few years began to drink less alcohol. Excess alcohol is one of the serious problems, which causes deterioration of the health of a large part of the population. No wonder alcohol is called national or global problem. Extra litre of 100% alcohol per year reduces the life expectancy of men in 11 months, and women 4 months. Note that the relative rate of 8 litres of absolute alcohol per person per year.

Rosstat RF positive data results: since 2009, the number of alcohol per capita decreased from 18 to 13.5 liters liters. Of course, this factor pleases workers in medicine and healthcare, however, the alcohol industry is not going to fold. Just think, every year is 1.5 billion liters of beer and 1.12 billion liters of vodka. In addition, actively promoted low-alcohol cocktails. The primary way to youth advertising and coverage of all the younger target audience of alcoholic beverages.

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Manufacturers go to tweaks, add in alcohol flavors, toning supplements supply bottle bright design. This causes increase in alcohol consumption among foxes to 21. This factor cannot be overlooked. Alcoholism at a young age is the cause of serious diseases and problems with the reproductive system.

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