Crisis and lack of resources forced people to conserve is really important. Scientists from the Higher school of Economics (HSE) found that increasingly retirees and families with low incomes deny yourself in the purchase of needed medicine or payments of medical services. In total the survey was attended by about 1,600 people from all regions of the country.

"Childless families, as already noted, among them many families of pensioners, more often than families with children who prefer to save on medical services and purchase of medicines. Compared to the April survey, in June, savings on medical services (including medications) among childless families have become more common," say the experts from the HSE.

According to the survey, approximately 40% families without children, to save on medicines and other expenses for the preservation of health. If a family has a child, the rate is reduced to 30%, which is not enough. It is interesting and different. People are much less likely to indulge in buying medicine, if you earn the money yourself, and do not live on pensions and other payments from the state. Perhaps it's not psychological reasons, and the size of these social benefits. Overall, 96% of Russians believe that the government during the crisis has to provide its citizens with necessary medicines.

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