Statistics: parents are more like older child

It is the older children, according to scientists from the United States, often become the favourites of parents. Though most parents and tell their children that they love them equally, in fact it happens quite rarely. Experts from the University of California proved that equality in parental love is a myth. The results of this work tells the publication Journal of Family Psychology.

In total the study involved 384 families with two children or more. It turned out that 78% of fathers and 70% of mothers prefer their older child. Younger, by the way, feel it, seeing that the more attention parents pay to the firstborn.

The lack of equality in pay time with parents provokes low self-esteem in a younger child. According to the information received, the second child in the family has a higher risk of depression.

Note, to research psychologists believed that all the way around, and that is the second child the family receives the maximum attention.

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