About 10% of the UK population suffers from infertility. This is indicated by the results of research experts from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine. Every tenth man and every eighth woman has problems with reproductive health, say scientists.

Interestingly, infertility in recent years is a clear link with the level of income. So, rich people who want to have a baby, faced with the impossibility of conception significantly more often than the middle class.

This is the explanation. Many women and men who have a decent income, expect the conception of a child at the average age of 35-44 years. Men frame even more blurred: 35 to 54 years. To 35 years, many do not even think about possible infertility.

Interestingly, for the assistance of experts concerning the dismissal of appeals only 50% of the people. Others are trying to come to terms with infertility and to find new priorities in life.

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