Women and men before the sleep soothe completely different things. Approximately 13% of women against 9% of men read in bed book to relax and prepare for sleep. Only 4% of women admitted that sex helps them sleep, while the men this activity is helping three times as often. About the other poll results, the magazine writes the Sun.

Men perceive the books as a separate activity and prefer to read in the daytime, in a period full of vigor. Women often choose simple books, just set up for reading in bed.

There are positions in which the wishes of women and men are the same. Thus, for both sexes for a good night's sleep requires a comfortable mattress, soft and firm pillows, clean linens. Sleep outside the home for most people always discomfort.

Interferes with sleep typically hard mattress, snoring in a room overeating. About 17% of men and 9% of women meditate before going to sleep about the financial problems that also affect the quality of sleep.

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