Statistics: girls in school better for boys

Canadian scientists have found that girls in school learn better than boys. Moreover, managed to find the cause of this phenomenon. Experts believe that it's all in the tactics of teachers, which is closer to girls. That is why they are more diligent in the learning process.

There is a belief that boys are better exact Sciences such as mathematics, geometry, chemistry, and physics. However, the statistics refutes this fact. Scientists have conducted a study, which analyzed data on student performance from 1914 to 2011.

It turned out that girls in most cases have better academic performance and a deeper understanding of the studied subject. Boys, according to scientists, are increasingly turning to direct memorization of information that will soon be forgotten.

Interestingly, the most pronounced differences in the estimates between the two sexes in the younger classes. For middle school the difference is smoothed and becomes practically invisible.

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