Statistics: every fifth inhabitant of Moscow has problems with being overweight

The company Synovate Comcon causes alarming data: 20,5% of the capital of Russia suffer from obesity. Figure is growing every year, which causes caution doctors.

"Obesity affects one in five residents of the capital (20,5%) versus 16% in Russia as a whole, and the percentage of respondents with normal weight in Moscow is lower than in the country as a whole by 4% and continues to decline," comments the results obtained the authors of the study.

This happens against the background of reducing the consumption of crackers and chips. Such people in Moscow – of 38.7%. Healthy food in the capital consumed 56,3% vs. 59.3 per cent across the country.

Dietician Michael Ginsburg says more about the sad figures. Actually, people suffering from obesity in the country twice. Up to 40% have problems with excess weight.

The main risk factors of obesity – poor diet and low physical activity. In the capitals of the people engaged in mental labor more than in small towns, Moscow and breaks of the leaders in obesity among Russian cities.

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