Statistics: envy is a normal human feeling

Most people regularly feel a sense of envy, scientists from the University of Argosy. They conducted a study involving 541 people. Volunteers were divided into pairs. It was proposed to compete or cooperate with a partner. Next, the researchers built the algorithm, divided the volunteers into 4 groups, says The Hindustan Times.

A third of the people were true envious. For this group a sense of superiority over others one of the main. Approximately 20% of volunteers, scientists have attributed to the optimists. Such people believe in the best choice for the partner. The pessimists were about the same, they tried to choose the least harmful option. Another 20% always agreed with his partner. 10% scientists are unable to distribute in any of the groups.

In another study, conducted by experts from the University of California, it has been proven that most people are jealous of their peers. It's all in the desire to compare your life with lives of others, experts say.

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