Experts advise to remain calm, it is not about the epidemic in most cities. However, to observe the banal precaution still stands. Disposable face mask, periodic rinsing of the nose after walking in public places and warm clothes – simple things that reduce your risk. Doctors advise children, the elderly and people who are constantly working in contact with other people, to undertake a special vaccination against influenza.

"While no new epidemic, all within the usual annual figures. And swine flu we have constantly registered since 2010, having begun in the world in 2009", - says academician of the RAS, Sergey Netesov.

Denied Netesov one of the common myths about the flu. Severe frosts do not kill the virus. This idea seems to academician absurd, because in laboratories, to maintain a certain strain of the virus, it is placed in the freezer. The reason why in extreme cold the flu sore less simple: when the window minus 20, most people on the street trying to get out only when absolutely necessary.

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