Statistics: doctors in Russia have become more earn

Over the past year salaries of health staff in Russia has increased. Data from Rosstat. In 2014 the doctor on average earned 48 thousand rubles. In 2015, wages increased by 3.6%.

Most of all get the doctors in the Nenets Autonomous district. There average salary is 113,5 thousand. Moscow experts get about 79 thousand. The lowest salary in Kalmykia is just 26.8 thousand rubles. Medical the average person receives an average of 26.3 thousand.

"Held in 2014, the analysis revealed that at a sufficiently high nominal average wages in most regions of the Russian Federation has developed a suboptimal structure in which the share of salaries does not exceed 30%. In 2015, the regions were encouraged to increase the share of payments on salaries in the structure of salaries to 55-60%. In 58 of the 85 regions of the parameters of the wage is already close to the recommended values and the average value of the salaries of doctors has increased in 1,5-2 times", - commented the information Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of healthcare of Russia.

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