Statistics: Brazil has become a leader in plastic surgery

Center for plastic surgery for a long time was considered to be the United States. In large cities, a huge number of people concerned with their appearance, many are willing to go under the knife to improve, writes IBN Live.

According to the results of recent research, the palm in this area has moved to Brazil. This country has become a center for cosmetic surgery recently. In South America plastic surgeons spent 1.5 million for 2013. In America, their number was 40 thousand less.

Experts attribute this phenomenon to promote access to credit in Brazil. People all easier to get a loan from a Bank, which inspires you to spend more money on their appearance. In addition, Brazilian plastic surgeons have a good reputation not only in Russia but also abroad.

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The most popular procedures - liposuction and breast augmentation. Plastic surgery of the face is not so popular and is only gaining momentum. The number of operations to change the shape of the nose for the last two years has almost doubled.

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