Statistics: bad Doctors wash their hands

According to statistics, the who, every tenth patient who is undergoing treatment, regardless of the country, catches a variety of infections. These alarming data are taken from a report published by the press service of the world health organization.

Representatives who evaluated the incidence of infections that infect patients directly to hospitals from different countries of the world. According to the study, in developed countries such infections about seven people per hundred patients undergoing treatment. However, in developing countries this figure is around ten percent.

The specialists of the international organization managed also to find out what nosocomial diseases catches every third patient from the emergency departments and intensive care.

It should be noted that the spread of such infections employees who associated primarily with certain violations of the rules of personal hygiene by the physicians. In particular, according to representatives of the world organization, the personnel of medical institutions pays little attention to washing hands before contact with patients.

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So, who urges physicians who work in hospitals, often to handle the special disinfectants, and in their absence to use a simple soap.

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