Statistics: 90% of lung cancer patients – smokers

Lung cancer is a disease of male smokers. To such conclusion experts from India. The analysis of patients with lung cancer, they found: most often this disease develops among men in middle and old age. The main predisposing factors – Smoking, writes The Times of India.

Only 10-15% of patients with lung cancer did not smoke, tell the scientists. The average patient started Smoking in his youth (16-20 years) and had experience of at least 15-20 years. In most cases, lung cancer was identified in the later stages, when help oncologists were aimed only at prolonging life, but not a complete cure. About 60% of patients who were stage four, with this form of the disease usually do not live more than a year.

Doctors recommend not to smoke and smokers to give up the addiction. Quitting will not only improve the financial situation, but will significantly reduce the likelihood of developing a number of diseases, from strokes to heart attacks to cancer.

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