Starfish - a new step in the treatment and prevention of stroke, scientists believe

Recent research scientists from the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic chemistry prove that starfish contain substances to avoid stroke, or to reduce the level of manifestation of its symptoms.

It's all in biologically active compounds. They enhance the development of the nervous tissue, protect neurons from oxygen starvation and lack of nutrients. In addition, certain chemical compounds included in the starfish increase the safety of the lesion in stroke.

It should be noted that stroke is one of the most common causes of death due to violation of the provision of brain tissue oxygen. Neurons require a high level of power, so when the lack of oxygen affects particularly the cerebral cortex.

Scientists believe that the use of sea stars will help in the future to reduce the number of strokes. To date, all efforts to obtain sufficient quantities of biologically active substances for the first of a series of scientific tests.

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