Stages of dental prosthetics

Good teeth is a dream of every person. But what if for some reason you have lost a number of teeth? Of course, medicine is not in place and offers excellent out - implants or prosthetics. Dental treatment is not the most pleasant experience, people fear and avoid visits to the dentist, so the decision to put the dentures must be informed and solid. Prosthetics in Moscow rather rasprostranenie, but still need to find a good specialist, as the prosthesis is quite a complicated procedure. To understand the complexity of this operation, divide it into stages.

First you need to pass all the necessary tests, especially if you want to put the implants instead of dentures, for which a fairly regular inspection of the condition of your mouth (gums and teeth). There are many contraindications concerning health implantation of teeth. So take it seriously, otherwise implants can be lost, or be prejudicial to health.

At this stage you need to take a snapshot of the jaw, so that the doctor clearly could see the condition of your jaw and teeth. It was all preparation, followed by the mere prosthesis.

Now there is a large selection of materials for the manufacture of prostheses. This is a specialist modeling of dental implants, which will make the right model according to your pictures and casts. In different clinics use diverse methods of development of prostheses. It could be a computer simulation, and before fabrication of the prosthesis from softer materials. If dentures after the master do, he goes directly into the hands of the dentist, which sets it to you in the specified way. If we are talking about the implants, it is much more difficult. To begin in the jaw screw titanium screws, which will serve as a basis. Then the time that they caught you. It may take up to six months. The doctor will give instructions on how to properly care for "foreign body" that all properly and safely caught, it would be desirable, that it was for life. If all goes well, we can proceed to the installation of the abutment, which serves as a bridge between the screw and the upper part of the installation.

The last step is to install the whole structure, i.e. the prosthesis to the abutment. Then you can enjoy a happy smile, the people around you! But pay attention to some rules that should be observed at the "toe" of the prosthesis (you more about this will tell your physician) to avoid damage to the installation and your health.

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