Stages and symptoms of alcoholism

In medicine alcoholism is considered as having a progressive disease, with its own etymology. For the person suffering from alcoholism is a state of prolonged alcohol intoxication. Of course, this insidious disease, with a beginning, climax and, unfortunately, the outcome. There are three stages of alcoholism.

The first stage occurs when a person has a craving for alcohol. The patient loses control over the amount consumed him alcohol, he even developed a certain tolerance for strong drinks. From episodic drinking man goes to systematic. The patient may develop the disorder of appetite, sleep, vegetative-vascular dystonia. Personal traits are deformed with increasing intoxication. Interest in family, work, social life gradually decreases. For the duration of the first stage may last for 8-10 years.

The second stage, abuse, is more pronounced attraction to alcohol. Sets the maximum tolerance to alcohol (500-1500 ml of vodka). Physical and mental status changes in patients free from alcohol intervals: can't concentrate, when intelligent load quickly comes fatigue, appears anxiety, irritability, unpleasant somatic sensations. The feeling of mental and physical comfort comes only after a dose of alcohol. This dramatically improves the ability to work. Frequent massive alcoholic excesses. Craving for alcohol becomes insurmountable.

At this stage of alcohol dependence manifests itself by the superficiality and shallowness of emotions, "alcoholic humor". Self-control is weakened due to alcohol intoxication. The patient sometimes becomes aggressive, quickly excited. For the abuse stage is characterized by the occurrence of episodic psychotic disorders, namely, hallucinosis, delirium, paranoid.

The third stage of encephalopathy, characterized by increased withdrawal syndrome. The patient stronger manifest different kind of psychosis can happen epileptic seizures. Falls tolerance to alcohol. Ill start drinking regularly or go into a long drinking binges. Even small doses of alcohol cause withdrawal. Disorders can occur, dangerous for the life of the patient. People daily continuously drink, so as to "saturate" the body "necessary" amount of alcohol. Alcohol passes for it in the category of "medicine" that helps to relieve the cravings. Is the strongest distortion of the personality develops its degradation. The person has interest only for drinking.

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