Spring and springless mattresses - how to choose

Market goods for the house includes many items such as mattresses, but to choose them is quite difficult. In addition to a wide price range, represented by different manufacturers, a variety of materials and sizes. Let's look closely at the choice of the mattress.


Mattress size is usually specified by width, length and height. The mattress must be matched exactly to the inch to the bed so that he does not slip. Thickness can vary from 8 to 30 inches, length from 160 to 200, width 80-200. If selected mattress for bed, then give preference to the mattresses with a thickness of 14 inches and above, and if his plan to take on nature, then he should be fine, springless, for the ability to roll into a roll.

Mattress with springs or without them

Mattresses with springs are longer service life, since the entire load in them rests on the spring. Springless mattress, even made of top quality materials, will eventually "utrambovyvaya". Their average lifespan is about 5-7 years, while the mattress without springs can last 20-30 years.

Also the mattresses with springs are considered to be more rigid, while each product may have a different hardness level. On the same mattress may be several levels of rigidity. Latex mattresses springless considered the most soft, while possess orthopedic effect. Latex does not light, has high elasticity and durability.

The mattress without springs easier to order by mail, as it often sends vacuum packaging, the product is gaining its shape after removal from it. The product with springs will cost more in shipping, but if it's a big city, it can bring service delivery supermarket where he bought. Mattresses without springs are made from materials such as viscoelastic, polyurethane. Every manufacturer tries to create its innovative material, which will make the mattress more comfortable. In mattresses with springs are sometimes used the same materials as in the models without springs, but also support a form of springs or bonneli. If they are separate from each other, then they will be easier in the future to replace.


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The best producers are Italy (Veneto), Denmark ("Andersen"), although in our country, many manufacturers began producing these products more affordable in price.

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