Sprays and nasal drops can affect the future health of the child

Edition of The Daily Mail published a study, which was conducted by Dr. Allen Mitchell and his colleagues from Boston. According to doctors, the use of anti money in the first months of breastfeeding may affect his health in the future. Thus, the child may pick up diseases of the digestive tract, ears, heart and other vital organs.

The researchers analyzed data from children with these diseases who were born in the years 1993-2010. Finally, children whose mothers immediately after birth took phenylephrin, in most cases, had diseases associated with the heart. In addition, a large percentage of ear infections and stomach. In more rare cases, observed problems with limbs.

Scientists warn that not only antitumor drugs have negative effects. So in drops and sprays for eyes contains imidazoline that provoke the development of diseases in the digestive tract that is why specialists strongly advise you to refrain from the use of any drugs during breastfeeding.

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