Spray tanning and Solarium is one more dangerous than the other

Previously it was thought that if the tanning damages the skin and can cause cancer, instant tan was - it is a safe alternative. In fact, the sprays for tanning was worse for the human body than ultraviolet irradiation under a tanning lamp. Because the composition of such sprays, which make the skin tan, contains the carcinogen dihydroxyacetone.

Dihydroxyacetone when injected into the bloodstream ( for example, if sprayed on the wound or to inhale the spray when spraying), causing negative changes in DNA that causes the formation of malignant tumors. First of all, it is dangerous to the lungs, it can cause both lung cancer and obstructive pneumonia and emphysema, to aggravate asthma.

"Risks of the use of spray tan prior to this have not been studied, but this drug can lead to significant diseases to humans, it can cause lung cancer," thinks Dr. Lynn Goldman from George Washington University. Inhalation of vapors of this spray is incredibly dangerous, because in most surface of the lungs is completely surrounded by capillaries, and means, including spray instantly enters the bloodstream.

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Furthermore, the risk from such spray are experienced not only by fans of instant tan, but all their surrounding people who can inhale vapours. In the high risk group are employees of beauty salons. Less danger lotions and creams for tanning, they do not penetrate into the lungs and can cause dangerous mutations of the DNA. Additionally, the tan is so toxic that affects the liver and kidneys.

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