Spray based on marijuana to help cope with drug dependence

Scientists have tested the spray on the basis of marijuana. Means, in their opinion, should relieve people from dependence associated with use of this drug. The spray has been called Sativex. Its main action is directed at the removal of the syndrome, writes Newcastle Herald. Today there is no accurate data regarding physical dependence on marijuana, but according to the latest data every tenth smoker has a number of mental symptoms, preventing him to live a full life.

In some cases people who have decided to engage with the drug, is faced with sleep disturbances, worsening of mood. Today Sativex is used as a traditional remedy in patients with multiple sclerosis. The main medicinal formula (cannabidiol and Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) has a positive effect, covering not only vessels, but also on the human psyche.

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Data regarding the effectiveness of tools for patients with drug dependence were confirmed during the initial study that included 26 people. The patients were divided into two groups and offered to take the drug, however, half of the subjects had no idea that instead of drugs they received a pacifier. Results in the group treated with Sativex were an order of magnitude better, and volunteers it is easier to cope with his addiction.

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