Sports supplements contain dangerous ingredients

To improve physical strength and endurance athletes have resorted to the use of special additives. Sometimes people tend to replace conventional food protein mixtures. In some cases it ends up with serious consequences. Experts recommend to carefully choose the mixture, and to eat healthy food, writes The Irish Times.

The sports nutrition market around the world not rigidly regulated. At particular risk are athletes who want to get results in the shortest possible time.

The described cases, when receiving low-quality sports supplements resulted in death. For example, in Britain were sold funds with 2-4-dinitrophenol, which resulted in the death of several people. The compound reduces the amount of fat in the body, significantly speeds up the metabolism. Have tools and side effects - headaches more, palpitations, dizziness, dehydration, fever.

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Dangerous unknown means that their composition can significantly molded stated on the packaging. To 14.8% of the products contain an unspecified connection is included in the "black list". Unscrupulous manufacturers specifically violate the law in order to increase efficiency and profits from sales of their supplements.

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