Sports reduce cardiovascular disease in women

Scientists from the University of Oxford conducted an analysis of the health status 1.1 million women of Britain. From the study were excluded patients with cancer, diabetes, stroke, thrombosis and heart disease. The average age of the studied group was 56 years, and the observation lasted for nine years. Data provided by the publication of Zee News.

Measured activity of the participants at the start of the experiment and after three years. In addition to these data, the researchers have established the number of hospitalizations for every woman. The presence of regular physical activity (at least 2-3 times per week) for three years has helped to reduce the number of visits to the doctor by 20% compared with a group of people not involved in sports.

Doctors advise safe for recreation sports: walking, Cycling and sports outdoors. Regular and intense physical activity, according to the study, do not give the desired result, only overload the body and lead to acute and chronic diseases.

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