Sports nutrition for women

For women whose training is aimed at getting rid of extra pounds and giving shape symmetry, the use of biological additives are the most important. On today's sports nutrition for women is in the following types: protein, energy, fat burners, carbon cocktails, preparations for ligaments and joints.

Protein mixture

Protein mixtures women are recommended as an additional source of amino acids, which are contained in a concentration of 70-90 grams per 100 grams of mixture. The remaining 10-30 grams consume carbohydrates that are necessary for the normal absorption by the body of the protein. The use of protein cocktail every day, you risk getting extra calories that provide the body with additional construction materials. Such mixtures are well suited to reduce the calorie intake.

Energy mix

The energy mix is the set of active components, allowing a tremendous increase in strength during workouts. Such mixtures consist of L-carotene, amino acids, stimulants, and other substances capable of increasing the health of muscle tissue. Energy cocktails is better to use well-trained athletes, because beginners cardiovascular system is not always cope with such loads. If you take such mixtures in the right dosage from them no harm.

Ironically mixture

Ironically mixtures are substances with stimulating primary energy and fat metabolism. Typically, all components ironicaly consist of herbal ingredients containing no hormones. Girls wanting to get rid of persistent training fat deposits, such preparations (capsules or tablets) will be able to help.

You should know that fat burners affect the increase in temperature (up to 37 degrees), and sleep disorders. But this can be avoided by taking them in the morning.

Carbohydrate mixture, or creatine

This group of drugs used to increase productivity or to recover loads of glucose and glycogen in the norm. But the women involved for burning fat, it is better to refuse from carbohydrate cocktails.

Mixture for ligaments and joints

This group of drugs designed for athletes who subject their joints to tremendous stress. The preparations consist of substances (collagen, elastin) used by the body in the synthesis of connective tissue fibres, which allows women to find a use for them. Such mixtures help in the fight against wrinkles, restore the structure of the subcutaneous tissue, making the skin smooth and elastic, in addition, it strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

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As for hormones, including testosterone, often involved in sports nutrition men, they are women unnecessarily.

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