Sports is not helping the Americans to get rid of obesity

According to the edition of ABC News among Americans is gaining popularity the sport, but that the rate of obesity in the population is not decreasing. According to the Institute of indicators and evaluation of health for the period from 2001 to 2009 there was a significant increase in obesity among the population.

Decreased interest in physical activity is just one of the reasons. In addition, scholars have identified poor nutrition, failure mode of eating, and the absorption of large portions. According to scientists on the development of obesity in humans affects almost all the way up to the microflora of the intestine and medication. Also expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of advocacy for a healthy lifestyle from the state.

During the research period the increase in the level of physical activity was observed only in three States: Kentucky, Georgie and Florida. In other States and districts shift did not even there, but on the contrary the level of sick people obesity has increased.

The research assistants were based on the data, according to which the norm for physical activity is a hundred and fifty minutes of sport at an average pace of loads, heavy loads enough to spend 75 minutes a week.

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