Sports in childhood make bones stronger throughout life

As shown by Swedish scientists study, physical activity not only helps to fight obesity, but also has an impact on bone health in the future. We are talking not only about professional sports. In this case, the regular physical education classes in school positively influence bone. These are the results of research scientists from the Swedish University for 6 years watched over 800 children in the age group from 7 to 9 years. The conditions of the study were required to take physical education at least forty minutes a day. Researchers recorded all data on the status of the skeleton of the research participants, as well as separately registered fractures.

The researchers conducted a comparative analysis of the results data of children who did not exercise more than one hour per week. Thus, children who often played sports, had 72 fracture, while the other children were registered 143 case. The active children bone mass of the spine above. This is the indicator used is determined by the degree of bone strength in General, and if since the childhood this index is high, and throughout the rest of life bones will be stronger.

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The scientists also investigated the athletes, whose age was over 60 years old. They compared the bone density of former athletes with similar indicators of their peers throughout their life was not engaged or not engaged in physical activity. Got involved with sports people the density of bone tissues was higher, thus reducing the risk of fracture. Thus, scientists have once again proved how much positive impact of sports on the human body.

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