Sports burners and their effect

Fat burners are drugs that help reduce fat deposits in the body. Also use them to build muscle relief. Take them to be only in combination with exercise and a balanced diet, as a sedentary lifestyle and proper nutrition will have no effect.

There is a misconception that if you start taking fat burners sports, together with body fat will go away and muscle mass, it's wrong. These drugs act only on adipose tissue. To keep the muscles in good condition when taking fat burners is enough to provide a good source of protein, which will go into the muscles during training.

The effect of fat burner based on increasing consumption of fat molecules, due to the rapid breakdown of fat, turning it in free energy.

Part of the preparations for fat loss consists of the following main components: ephedrine, caffeine, guarana extract, L - carnitine.

Fat burners are divided into two types:

Thermogenic - substances that increase the body temperature, and contributes to more rapid metabolism of carbohydrates that come from food. When will the burning of calories, make use of internal reserves of the body, which contributes to fat reduction.

Lipotropic - matter, completely blocking the synthesis of lipids in the liver and prevents the absorption of calories, resulting in the break up fatty tissue.

Fat burners have side effects, therefore before you can use to become better acquainted with them.

Contraindications to the use of fat burners:

• Diseases of the heart and blood vessels;

• high blood pressure;

• prostatitis;

• diabetes mellitus.

Fat burners should not be taken in the evening because they can cause sleep disorders. If you use drugs to burn fat will appear: allergies, podtashnivaet, headache, irritability or neurological disorder, you should stop taking them and consult a doctor.

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Take fat burners required courses specified in the instructions. Fat burners can be taken together with multivitamin complexes. The reception is usually held on 2 - 4 weeks 1 - 2 week intervals and the observance of proper diet, outlined in the application instructions. If not properly used is getting used to the drug and decreasing the efficiency.

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